The Knackery

So today’s ephemera are a bad joke told by the PM’s partner, a series of opportunistic photo ops from the Opposition Leader, Andrew Laming being Andrew Laming, and Twitter losing its collective shit over whether pubs have the right to ban kids from venues that strictly speaking are for over 18s. And of course it was Australia Day, so the national soul was subjected to its annual body cavity ordeal.

So, you know, late January.

More importantly, much of the news is, of course, focused on the Queensland floods, and the Courier Mail and ABC are naturally ideal places to look for that news.



Australia’s corruption watchdog is struggling to make ends meet, raising questions of corrupt raising of needed funds (SMH)

In an effort to stop retirees draining their savings too soon, there is a push to cap super lump-sum payouts (AFR)

A good summary of the…

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